Be Central!

We finance student projects with 1 million euros!

Gather your colleagues and think about what would make your student life easier. Write the project and submit it until 30 November 2021! A commission of Transilvania University of Brașov will analyse all the ideas; and in the end the winning projects will receive funding to be implemented. If your project is convincing, you can receive up to 100 000 euros.

This year's competition gives priority to the projects aimed at:
• digitization of UNITBV academic processes;
• improvement of teaching activity;
• development of a Green Campus.

Grant value: maximum 100 000 euro / grant

Implementation period: 1 January 2022 – 30 September 2022.

Eligibility criteria:
• the project proposal shall be submitted by a team of at least 3 students enrolled at Transilvania University of Brașov, regardless of their study cycle or programme (bachelor
s, master’s, doctorate);
• a maximum of 30% of the grant amount may be allocated for the scholarships of the students who are the project team members; 70% of the budget value represents material expenses for the implementation (the purchases will be made by the University’s departments).

The project proposals will be assessed by a Commission appointed by the Executive Board, based on the following criteria:
• opportuneness and need to implement the project

• number of beneficiaries of the solutions implemented within the project;
• innovativeness of the project;
• clarity of the project proposal (objectives, activities, implementation plan, budget, team, impact assessment, etc.);
• adequacy of the budget.

Competition calendar:
• 5 – 30 November 2021 - submission of project proposals to the email address;
• 1 - 15 December 2021 – evaluation of project proposals;
• 17 December 2021 – display of results on the university website.

For further information:
Vice-Rector for Students and the Relation with the Economic and Socio-cultural Environment