Conferinta PRASIC 2016
Conferinta PRASIC 2016
Product Design, Robotics, Advanced Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems and Innovation Conference (PRASIC)

PRASIC is dedicated to scientific research in mechanisms, machine elements, robot design, advanced mechanical and mechatronic systems, tribology, but also to education, innovation and technological transfer, industrial management, and history of machines and mechanisms.

The conference partners are: Transilvania University of Braşov - UTBv, the Romanian Association for the Science of Mechanisms and Machines - ARoTMM, Romanian Association of Mechanical Transmisions - ROAMET, Romanian Association on Tribology - ART, and General Association of Romanian Engineers - AGIR.

Conference for Sustainable Energy, CSE

It was launched as an international event for promoting renewable energy systems as a part of present and future sustainable solutions.

Starting with 2005, each edition had a core subject: