Conference for Sustainable Energy 2020

The Conference for Sustainable Energy, CSE, was launched as an international event that promots renewable energy systems as part of the current and future energy scenarios for a feasible sustainable development.

 Starting with 2005, each edition has a core subject, defined according to the most significant research topics at global level:

   -  CSE 2020 – Solar Energy Conversion in Communities, 22 -24 October 2020, Brasov
   -  CSE 2017 -  Nearly Zero Energy Communities
   -  CSE 2014 – Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
   -  CSE 2011 – Sustainable Communities
   -  CSE 2008 – Solar Energy Conversion
   -  CSE 2005 – Sustainable Energy
The 6th edition, CSE 2020, opens the floor for presentations on new results, innovative concepts and solutions expected for the transition towards sustainable communities that give use to solar energy, alone or associated with other renewable energies.


The core topic of the conference is Solar energy conversion in communities.  Presentations are expected to cover the main conference topics, focusing on (but not limited to) the following subjects: 

Topic 1: Solar energy at community level
Topic 2: Solar thermal energy conversion in communities
Topic 3: Solar electricity in communities
Topic 4: Sustainable energy mixes in communities
Topic 5: New trends in the use of solar energy in communities
Topic 6: Sustainable communities

The full papers sent and presented in CSE 2020 will follow an international peer-review process and will be published in the CSE 2020 Proceedings volume, in the Springer Proceedings in Energy series, with the title „Solar Energy Conversion in Communities - Proceedings of the Conference for Sustainable Energy (CSE) 2020”.

Information on CSE 2020 can be found on the conference website,